Native Advertising

Understand the exhilarating new, multi-billion dollar marketing channel that is native advertising with this comprehensive and highly practical guide, packed with case studies and real world examples.


About The Author

Dale Lovell

Is Chief Digital Officer at Adyoulike, the UK's first and leading native advertising agency, with over $20M global turnover per year. Dale Lovell sits on the UK IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau)'s Native and Content Council, and is soon to join the IAB US. In 2015, Dale was named one of the Hot 100 by the British Interactive Media Association, in recognition for championing native advertising in the UK.

Native advertising impacts us all. If you own a smartphone, use social media or read content online, you will have been exposed to native advertising – often without even knowing it. Influenced by lead digital trends such as mobile advertising, programmatic advertising, ad-blocking, fake news, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), native advertising has become a multi-billion-dollar a year industry, now behind the digital success of many leading brands and companies.

Written by one of the industry’s foremost authorities, Native Advertising provides a comprehensive guide to the rise of this exhilarating channel, the impact it has on the digital media space, and what marketers and businesses need to know to succeed. Including insight on the future of digital advertising and why its growth is inevitable, it is packed full of real-life examples and interviews from marketing leaders spanning the globe.

Native Advertising goes beyond Facebook sponsored posts, promoted tweets, and BuzzFeed branded articles, providing insight into the underpinning factors of audience, budget, content, and success measurement. Featuring fascinating case studies from The New York Times, Independent and much more, this book is full of first-hand advice and experience for any marketer looking to embrace digital innovation and understand the world of native advertising.